You’ll quickly see that the ladies desire to include others in their faith commitments. Occasionally, they will have a tea or meet at a restaurant so they can invite their friends and family to meet others at the event. These relational connections are very significant to bringing women into a personal relationship with Jesus. The ministry of women in the church is always invaluable! It was in the days of Jesus and it is just as much today. We desire to see our women grow and mature in their faith as they reach others with the good news of Jesus! Ladies, are you in?


The women’s ministry desires to invite as many women as possible to grow in their faith. They do that through a Tuesday evening Zoom Bible Study at 7 p.m. that is geared towards the needs of the women in the church. These ladies laugh, cry, pray, and support one another through the ups and downs that life takes us through. Ladies, if you attend our church, you will get an invitation to this significant relationship-building study.