Randy Goettge

Leadership Team, Compassion Ministries

God has blessed me mightily with my beautiful and amazing wife, Camilla, three wonderful children and a beautiful loving granddaughter.

I was born and raised in Ohio. I joined the US Army right after high school where I was stationed in South Korea, Germany and several other places within the USA, including serving in Desert Storm. Shortly after that tour I ruptured discs in my back and was medically discharged from the Army after 15 years of service. I feared having the Army doctors perform back surgery on me, so I went to church praying and looking for a miracle. A traveling Evangelist was preaching there that night anointed me with oil and prayed over me for my back to be supernaturally healed. I was healed that night and did not need surgery. I was shocked, amazed, relieved, and praising God!

During my military days and most of my adult life I lived the life of a Prodigal son because most of the churches I attended back then had taught me some bad doctrines making the Bible seem confusing, contradictory and unbelievable. I knew I could not live the perfect life that I thought God demanded of me, so I lost hope of God accepting me.

My family and I moved to Northern Virginia in 2006. In 2009, during a very tough time in my life, the Holy Spirit pursued me by sending a person that showed me how far I had fallen away from God and sent a saint into my life who enlightened me to the true Gospel of Jesus and what all Jesus accomplished through His atonement on the cross. The Lord used this saint to begin destroying the bad doctrines that had chased me away from God and the church. Finally, the Bible made sense, my belief in it solidified, and I ran into my Savior’s loving embrace and accepted His freely given amazing grace, setting me free from the bondage of sin and this world. Praise our great God.

My passion now in life is to actively share this amazing love and compassion of Christ that I now experience daily to those who have not experienced His life-changing love and grace, in hope that they will receive this wonderful free gift of Salvation and life with Christ. I love talking to other Believers about who we are in Christ and what all we have in Christ. There simply is no greater love, joy, peace, grace and provision available anywhere else in this world than being a part of the body of Christ and experiencing that close personal relationship with Jesus and resting in Him daily. Hallelujah!

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36 NKJV