Job Description


Believers Bible Church
January 2024


A church for the people, in the community, revealing Jesus through faith, hope, and love by Worship & the Word.

Statement of Mission

Our mission is to build a faith community that embodies the values of Jesus Christ, including love, compassion, and generosity. Through our commitment to serving the needs of the community, we seek to bring hope and healing to those who are hurting and in need by sharing the love of Jesus.

C.R.O.S.S. Strategy

Community (Demonstrate God’s love to our community)
Regular Fellowship (Worship, Bible Studies, Recharge Prayer, etc.)
Outreach (Sharing the Love of Jesus With Our Community)
Seek God (Prayer, Holy Spirit, Guidance, etc.)
Sharpen (Sharpening One Another, Discipleship, Mentoring)

Core Values Based Upon our C.R.O.S.S. Strategy

Community: We will willingly serve our community in grace & commitment.

Regular Fellowship: We desire to be a praying community who believes God for impossible things that only He can do in the hearts & lives of people.

Outreach: We desire to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and be baptized as believers.

Seek God: We desire to see God’s people walking closely with Jesus & listening to the Holy Spirit as He guides and directs their lives & ministry.

Sharpen: God’s desire is for us to grow as Christians through Service, the Spirit, Prayer, Worship, & the Word.


  1. Assists & leads in the planning and implementation of student events, including weeklong summer camps and outreach opportunities.
  2. Attends BBC Elders and Staff meetings as assigned.
  3. Writes monthly reports to the elders regarding progress in the children & youth ministries of the Church.
  4. Mentors and disciples students in small group settings. Sets up hangouts before and after scheduled programs.
  5. Plans and leads outreach events.
  6. Participates in weekly classes led by BBC Elders and Staff.
  7. Contributes through participation in meetings, seeks servant-leadership opportunities, learns, and envisions God working through them to make an impact on others.
  8. Develop and implement programs/events that strengthen family bonds, such as marriage workshops, parenting seminars, and family retreats.
  9. Collaborate with church staff and volunteers to organize family-friendly activities, including game nights, picnics, Bible studies, and community outreach projects.
  10. Provide resources and guidance to families on topics such as family devotions, raising children in the faith, and building healthy relationships.
  11. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  1. Active relationship with Jesus Christ sustained through the practice of personal spiritual disciplines.
  2. Embodies Christlikeness and leads with humility, character, and love.
  3. Demonstrates commitment to unity and willingness to work in a collaborative team environment.
  4. Personally engaged with BBC’s mission, vision, and strategy.
  5. Supportive of BBC beliefs, values, and practices.
  6. Consistently models the BBC Staff Behavioral Values.


  1. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program from an accredited college or university or have a ministry degree from there.
  2. Must provide own transportation to/from the Church and/or planned activities.
  3. Must complete a background check.
  4. Must adhere to BBC policies for the safety of the congregation and students.
  5. Have knowledge of Scripture and clearly articulate the gospel message.
  6. Must be available during the week as needed to fulfill the ministries to children and youth of the Church.


  1. Knowledge of personal/project management principles, administration practices, organization techniques, and methodologies.
  2. Knowledge of expense tracking/reporting and administration.
  3. Knowledge of relational intelligence, grace, and cross-cultural sensitivity.
  4. Ability in developing leaders and team members for effective ministry to children & youth.
  5. Ability to creatively build a children & youth ministry from the ground up.
  6. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through both verbal and written means.
  7. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  8. Ability to build and promote a team culture through relational collaboration and motivating team members.
  9. Ability to plan, organize projects and prepare detailed reports and presentations.
  10. Ability to use computers and a variety of software applications.


Typically, 5 days a week, plus Sundays (one day off)
Hours per week: 45-50 hours per week of f/t employment.
Compensation: Commiserate with education, background, and experience
Driving Required: Yes (must own a vehicle)

Contact Information

If you are interested in this position, please fill out the attached Children & Youth Ministry Leader Preliminary Questionnaire with your brief answers & send it to us as an attachment to our email address or snail mail it to the address below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or text at (703) 999-3373.

BBC Email:
Address: Bob Beaver
338 East Market Street, Suite 020
Leesburg, VA 20176
Call/text: (703) 999-3373


Believers Bible Church

January 2024

Biblical Emphasis

  1. Can you fully support the Statement of Faith of BBC without reservation? If you do have reservations, what are they? You can find our Statement of Faith, including Scripture, on our website,
  2. Can you fully support the leadership structure of the Church, including the pastoral staff & the elders? We hold to a plurality of elders style of church government. Why or why can you not support such a leadership structure?
  3. What scriptural support would you use to provide answers for the following issues? Please keep your answers brief.

a. Critical Race Theory (CRT)

b. The Gay Lifestyle & LGBTQ+

c. Abortion

d. What are the other burning issues in children & youth ministry today?

Practical Considerations

  1. How will you help the Church begin a ministry to families with children & youth? What is your vision for such a ministry?
  2. What gifts & abilities do you bring to the table to help ensure a quality educational experience for our children & youth?
  3. How will you structure the children/youth programming of the Church on Sundays & during the week?
  4. What ministries to children & youth do you see as essential today? Why these ministries in particular?
  5. What can the Church be doing better to draw young families to the Church? Be specific.
  6. What do you see as the strengths & areas of needed improvement for the Church as a whole regarding ministry?
  7. What are some other issues that you see as essential for a quality children’s ministry?
  8. What are your measurable objectives & goals for your first year of ministry?

After you complete this questionnaire, your answers will be reviewed by the BBC elders and an interview may be set up either in person or on Zoom. Please take your time and complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability. If you need more room to answer the questions, please do not hesitate to do so on a separate sheet of paper. We request that you type your answers to make it easier to read. Many thanks for your prayerful consideration of this significant position! We are praying and trusting that our great God will lead us to the right person to fill this important position! All to His glory!