FAQs for Guests

What are the services like?

Our services usually involve 3-4 worship songs, a sermon, and times for prayer, giving, and announcements. Giving of our resources is encouraged from our members, but we do not expect our guests to contribute.

How long are the services?
We begin at 11 am and are usually wrapping things up before 12 noon. We enjoy mingling afterwards and meeting guests. A group of us usually goes out to eat at a local restaurant after the Sunday morning service, and guests are welcome to join us.
What’s your style of worship?
We have a combination of both contemporary songs and traditional hymns in the service. We have a gifted worship leader who desires to lead us into the presence of our wonderful God every week! There is much joy in meeting in the presence of our great, mighty, awesome, and holy God! What a God we serve!
What are the sermons like?
The sermon lasts about 20-25 minutes and teach from the Bible with practical ways we can live out the truth we’re given. Pastor Bob uses the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible in his messages on Sunday mornings.
What do people typically wear?
We invite people to come as they are and not worry about their appearance. Most people attending (including the pastor) wear business casual attire.
Do you have child care?
Yes, we have childcare for nursery through fourth grade. The children will stay in the worship service during the song service and then be dismissed before the message time. After the service, you will pick up your child in the library of Simpson Middle School. We desire for your children to be as safe as possible during their time in our children’s church. Our hope is that they will leave saying, “I had a blast! Can we come back next week?
Are there special places to park or other things I should know?
There’s plenty of parking at Simpson Middle School. Handicapped parking is closest to the front doors, but there’s plenty of parking available. We know that walking into a new church can be intimidating. Our Hospitality Team will try to make your first visit enjoyable and memorable for you and your entire family.