Discovering a suitable Church can be a time-consuming endeavor. It necessitates patience and persistence, particularly when seeking a Church in a new community. Usually, one can only attend one or two Churches weekly, resulting in a lengthy search process lasting for months.

Here are some practical actions to keep in mind, along with questions to ask oneself while praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance in finding the ideal Church.


Where Does God Desire Me to Serve?


Prayer is an essential component of finding a Church. As one seeks the Lord’s guidance, He provides the wisdom to determine where one should fellowship. Be certain to prioritize prayer at each step of the way.

Love, Serve, and Share


Aside from attending Church on Sundays, God wants us to practice our faith daily. He instructed us to “love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:39). As we seek ways to love, serve, and share our abilities regularly within a Church community, we are fulfilling God’s wishes.


What Do I Believe?


It is critical to understand a Church’s doctrinal beliefs before joining. Unfortunately, many individuals become disillusioned after investing significant time in a Church. One can avoid this frustration by carefully examining the Church’s statement of faith. Before joining, ensure that the Church teaches the Bible effectively. If unsure, request a conversation with someone regarding this topic. Some Churches provide courses or written materials to assist in understanding the Church’s doctrine. God desires to bless us, including the blessing of happiness. We can find joy by simply being with fellow believers and serving and worshipping with them.


What Type of Worship? 


Worship is the manner in which we express our love and appreciation for God, as well as our adoration and wonder at His works and ways. Consider what form of worship will allow you to express adoration for God most freely.

Some Churches feature contemporary worship music, while others have traditional music. Some sing hymns, while others sing choruses. Some have full bands, while others have orchestras and choirs. Some sing gospel, rock, hard rock, etc. Since worship is a crucial aspect of our Church experience, giving the style of worship considerable thought is essential.


What are some other considerations? 


First, does the Church care about its community and world? In Matthew 28 Jesus said to “make disciples of all nations.” Is the Church making disciples or just interested in increasing numbers? Can you identify those ministries that help you and your family members grow in their faith?  Second, does the Church show compassion and caring for those in the community who are hurting? James spoke of caring for widows and orphans and Jesus spoke of “the least of these.” Does the Church show compassion for its community? Third, what is the Holy Spirit saying to you and your family? As you worship, are you sensing the fruit of the Spirit in this Church (Galatians 5:22-23)? What about your other family members? God will lead you by His Holy Spirit to the Church in which He desires for you to worship, serve, and get involved for impact in your life and the lives of your friends and family.

We hope you the very best in your search!